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Disc Jockey 101, which is also known as DJ 101, is an introduction to the live-performance DJ (i.e., club, mobile, radio mix-show, etc.). Because Club DJ's "perform" tracks, this site should not be confused with radio broadcast DJ's and personalities who "present" music and generally employ different skills. Disc Jockey 101 offers tips for beginning and professional DJ's, as well as DJ equipment, books, videos, and accessories.

While a background in music is helpful, you do not need a formal music education to be a disc jockey. However, a sense of rhythm is essential.

The DJ industry offers opportunities in numerous areas. In fact, DJ related music is one of the world's fastest growing music markets. According to Warner Brothers Publications, the disc jockey industry generates as much as $10 billion per year (2000 statistics). In addition, the popular DJ software program, Rane Serato Scratch Live, is rumored to be the best selling product at the Guitar Center retail store.

These opportunities extend beyond the nightclub, mobile, and/or mix-show DJ. For example, a list of related occupations includes: remix DJ, dance music producer, DJ reporter and/or photographer, record label rep, DJ software engineer, entertainment attorney and/or DJ agent, DJ manager, DJ equipment designer/engineer, DJ record store owner/employee, DJ music distributor, rave/club/event promoter, DJ lighting (light jock, engineering, design), recording studio technician/engineer, military event DJ, record pool director, travel industry DJ (i.e., Club Med, cruise ships, etc.), copyright and licensing (ASCAP/BMI, RIAA), and more.

The column on the right links to various pages on this site. For example, the Quarterly Tip is a feature article that addresses specific topics related to our profession.

In early-2011, Disc Jockey 101 became "frozen." This means that, with a few exceptions, the site will no longer be updated.


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